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a story of family

C&S Garden Center is the latest addition to the well-established plant grower and wholesale plant provider, C&S Nursery Inc. C&S is a family-owned enterprise, that has served the Los Angeles gardening and landscape trade for over three decades, and is looking to continue doing so in the retail space.

C&S was started by the Rosales brothers, Cristian and Santiago Rosales in 1991. Throughout the last three decades C&S Nursery has become household name on the westside of Los Angeles. The enduring success of C&S is based upon three core values: Quality, Customer Service and Integrity. From timely and accurate product deliveries, to competitive pricing, to knowledgeable and well-trained staff, C&S has been, and will continue to commit to exceeding customer expectations and building long-term relationships.

So with another generation of family here, the torches are ready to be passed down. For C&S, the pillar of family is what has made their business come as far as it has. As C&S moves onward, not just the Rosales family, but the clients, workers and supporters who are a part of the C&S family, are what will continue to take them to new heights, and break new grounds.

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